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Route Surveys provided for transportation, utility & transmission routes. Route Surveys by Foresight Land Surveying will include the following but not limited to: : 

  • Detailed Courthouse Research (Landowners, right-of-ways, section corners & other misc. items)
  • Field reconnaissance of property corners, sections corners & right-of-way information. 
  • Level Circuits ran to determine elevations of control points and TBM’s every 500 feet. 
  • Horizontal & Vertical Data Collection with the latest Total Stations, Data Collectors & GPS Equipment 
  • Office processing in *.dwg & *.txt format for drawings & points files. 
  • Topographic Survey & Route Survey Plat provided in electronic format 
  • Route Survey done to I.A.C. for Land Surveying & INDOT Standards


Topographic Surveys are performed for roads, bridges, sewers, shopping centers, recreational facilities and other civil engineering related projects using electronic total stations and/or GPS RTK with TDS Recon Data Collectors. All information is electronically stored in the data collectors, transferred to computers, and developed into plan information using Digital Terrain Modeling software (Carlson Software). 

Topographic surveys are the first step in any good design project, without a good topographic survey any design is subject to the unknown. Foresight Land Surveying strives in taking the unknown out of any design project.



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